Revolutionary Analytics at your finger tips

Scalable Machine Learning and AI Infrastructure

Powering the next generation of Energy Analytics:
Out AI and Machine Learning-driven approach

Adaptive Algo is building a revolutionary platform that uses machine learning and AI techniques powered by GPUs and the cloud to process massive amounts of data collected from sensors and other IOT platforms to produce real-time analytics and forecasts that enable energy analysts to improve forecasting accuracy by 30% enabling better prediction of consumer behavior.

Actionable Analytics

Our smart algorithms and analytics powered by the cloud enables analysts to create and consume actionable Analytics leading to successful deployment of models and applications that can be deployed and tracked with ease.

Our platform is vendor-agnostic and models can be in open-source or in proprietary packages and we support both on-prem and cloud deployment options

Tractable results and actionable programs

Our customizable and rich visualization platform enables analytics at your fingertips to enable sustainable programs to be deployed and tracked driving engagement with users.

On-demand reports assist in dynamic decision making and review of model performance.